AS/A level specification | AQA

Everyday life may appear random and hectic; however, Sociologists believe that we can identify patterns of behaviour. Studying Sociology will make you more aware of the society you exist within which enable you to gain an insight into human social behaviour. By studying Sociology you will learn about a variety of intriguing and fascinating sociological topics such as education, the workplace, the media, religion, family and criminal behaviour. Throughout this study you will discover how these agents impact on our everyday lives. Students often study Sociology because it opens their minds to concepts and ideas that they have never really considered before.

Content & Breakdown

AS Content:

  • Education with Theory and Methods.
  • Research Methods.
  • Families and Households.

Plus one option of the following topics in Sociology:

  • Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods.
  • The Media.

Additional A-level Content:

  • Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods.
  • The Media.


At A-level there are 3 examinations, each worth 33.3%.

At AS there are two papers: one which will focus on education with research methods and a second which will focus on research methods and family. Each exam is worth 50% of the AS qualification.

Careers/Future Education

Students who study Sociology at A-level often continue to study Sociology, English, History, Politics and various other subjects at university. Studying Sociology can lead to a variety of careers which include; politics, teaching, Law, Police force, social work and health care.

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