Year 12 on Tour

Year 12 students ventured to various locations around the county and the country this week during the Academy Days.

A group braved the stormy weather to travel to Loughborough University for a personalised tour, with the added bonus of witnessing a graduation ceremony – it won’t be long before they will experience their own graduation.

Another group went to the Crown Court in Norwich, and so impressed the judge that they were invited into his chambers for an additional insight into the legal world.

Some students ventured as far as London, wore ironic statements on a tour boat in the rain, as well as visiting some cultural landmarks before saving the economy in Oxford Street. To add to the special nature of his last school trip, Mr Buddle was saluted by the Red Arrows on the return journey.

Finally a sophisticated set of students visited Houghton Hall, engaged with public art and sporting triumph.

Thank you to everyone involved.

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Posted on: 14th August 2017