Year 12 British Physics Olympiad Challenge

Monday 13th March saw a group of Year 12 physics students take on their toughest challenge to date- the BPhO Physics Olympiad. The challenge pitted the students against thousands of other Year 12 physicists from across the country, consisting of a paper full of tough physics puzzles that pushed them to the edge of their learning, all to be completed in one hour. Silence descended in the room; each student concentrating hard on the paper, furiously scribbling answers down as quickly as possible.

The paper, although difficult, was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Congratulations to all who took part, and a special mention to the top two scoring students; Cameron Richards, who was just one mark away from a gold certificate, and George Padolsey who also achieved silver. Our thanks go to Mr Hazelwood for organising the challenge.

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Posted on: 11th April 2017

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