Visit By Media Mogul Sir Peter Bazalgette

Photo by Chris Taylor
Photo by Chris Taylor

To use the BBC mantra, students were left feeling, ‘entertained, educated and informed’ after the recent visit by Arts’ guru Sir Peter Bazalgette.

What a scoop it was for SHS to host a talk by this most eminent of Media specialists and thanks must be given to Alex Steward for organising the affair. After an introduction by Dr Richardson, Sir Peter began by giving us his views on the importance of the Arts and the significance of intellectual property; giving examples of the development of the Big Brother franchise from its germination in the Netherlands to its hey day and subsequent falling off in popularity.

Obviously a great believer in the cultural significance of the Arts and its benefits on society, Sir Peter drew on his many personal experiences, from graduate trainee journalist with the BBC, to head of the Arts’ Council ending with his soon to be undertaken new role as Chairman of ITV. There then followed questions from the packed audience of predominantly 6th form students and invited year 11s…. and what questions they were! They ranged from potential Islamaphobia fuelled by the press, to the general obsession with self-promotion via social media, before moving on to gender and racial inequality in film.

Sir Peter showed himself to be a mine of information on the press, government bodies and all aspects of the workings of the media. He even managed to side step the curved ball question of his personal involvement in the dumbing down of the media and executed a mini EU referendum – 90% of those present in favour of remaining within!

Unfortunately the allotted time came to a close. It was gratifying to hear from Sir Peter how impressed he had been with the quality of questions and subsequent follow up comments.

He ended on a most positive note by encouraging all present to keep in touch with their creativity. ‘We might not be the manufacturing giants we once were but we are now the nation of ideas.’

Mrs Cranshaw—Media Studies teacher

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Posted on: 14th March 2016