SMSC Day – October 2017

With the nights about to draw in and half term almost upon us, Sheringham Sixth Formers embarked on a tour of the country. Our intrepid Geographers braved the elements, especially the tail end of Storm Ophelia, to explore the Snowdonian region for a week. Powercuts and food shortages certainly did not dampen their spirit.

Meanwhile a lively group of cultural tourists visited the world famous museum quarter of London during SMSC Day. Whilst some paid their respects to the roaring T. Rex and the fabulous Blue Whale model at the Natural History Museum, others braved the Science Museum for an encounter with Le Corbusier’s chair, a cabinet of foreign weights, and the Iron Baby. Most adventurous of all were those valiant Sixth Form souls who battled the elements (and some especially aggressive birds) to compare contemporary design on the mean streets and exclusive retail outlets of Kensington, with the sophisticated wonders on display in the newly refurbished Design Museum.

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Posted on: 1st November 2017