Refugees Welcome Campaign

On Thursday 17th September 2015, over 100 Sheringham Sixth Form students from years 12 and 13 came together to give their response to the refugee crisis, by supporting Amnesty International’s

#refugeeswelcome campaign.

amnesty inernational

It was organised by the Sixth Form’s Amnesty International group, which worked within the school to not only raise awareness of the situation in Europe, but the factors which have caused the current crisis. Students were then asked to join the group on Thursday morning to sign the “refugees welcome” banner and take part in a picture; which was then put onto social media sites, where the students involved went on the share with others. The response has been fantastic. Not only was there a huge turn out of students taking part in the picture, but there has also been huge support online.

In addition to this, the banner, along with a covering letter, has been sent to Downing Street to show the student’s support for measure the government are taking and may take in the future in offering support to refugees; whether that means bringing them into the UK or sending aid abroad.

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Posted on: 22nd September 2015