D&T Paris Trip 2016

The Design and Technology department’s Paris adventure was one to remember!

Ten students from Year 12 and 13, as well as Mr Bowen and Mr Richardson, travelled to France for a fun educational trip to the ‘most romantic city in the world’. We explored Parisian architecture, were entranced by the Mona Lisa and fell in love with the beauty of Notre Dame.

After a day of travel, we were very excited to be in Disneyland Paris where we would be staying. Mr Bowen’s winning charm meant that we were able to get into the Park for a few hours so we all had the opportunity to ride on some thrilling rollercoasters!

The next day, after a good night’s sleep, bleary eyed but excited we hopped on a train that took us to the centre of Paris. Once in Paris, a jam-packed day was ahead of us. First, we were taken to the SacréCoeur, a Roman Catholic Church situated at the highest point in the city, where we climbed the 300 steps to reach the dome for the best view of Paris. Next, we travelled to the Montparnasse Tower where we zoomed up to the observatory terrace on Europe’s fastest elevator. It gave us a brilliant view of the Eiffel Tower as well as many of the other Parisian attractions that we would be seeing later in the day.


We also visted Notre Dame, the Louvre where we saw the famous Mona Lisa as well as the Pompidou, which is a famous building that has all of its structural components on the outside. We walked through the Tuileries and up The Avenue des Champs-Élysées where we got an amazing view of the Arc de Triomphe and the roundabout that surrounds it which causes an accident every three minutes! Finally, we travelled to the Eiffel Tower; we were wowed by its spectacular light show and saw an amazing view of Paris from its top floor.

On the second day we listened to an interesting lecture before going into the Disney Park and exploring the many rides and attractions. We saw the Disney Parade and the Disney Dreams spectacular which was a cartoon show projected onto the castle; it had impressive pyrotechnics, fireworks and classic Disney songs included!

The day we came home we went to another lecture before having a final shopping spree for Disney souvenirs. The trip will always be one to remember and we will treasure the memories forever!