Religious Studies (Philosophy and Ethics)

AS/A level specification | OCR H172 H571-2 G581-2

Do you like to think about the big questions in life? Do you like to challenge existing ways at looking at the world? Are you the sort of person who always asks why? If you have answered yes to any of these questions then RE (Philosophy and Ethics) is the course for you.

Whilst at Sheringham you will have the chance to study, discuss and debate philosophical and ethical theories. You will be taught in relaxed tutorial style lessons and have all of the textbooks and resources that you require to be successful. The course is regarded as an academic, intellectual subject that is respected by universities as it provides you with the opportunity to develop a range of transferable skills. These include the skills of collecting, synthesising and interpreting information, communication, analysis and evaluation – all skills which are required at degree level.

This course promises to enhance personal and professional development as you prepare for life and work in an ethical and global context. You will be expected to write a series of essays throughout the year to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the topics studied.

Content & Breakdown

In the first year (AS) students apply their skills by evaluating the influence and works of scholars such as Plato and Aristotle. The Ethics module involves applying ethical theories to abortion, euthanasia and genetic engineering as well as critically assessing what it means to be “good”. Topics in Philosophy include arguments for the existence of God, evil and suffering and the debate between religion and science.

At A2, students will continue to look at ethical theories, reflect upon the nature and role of the conscience in decision-making and consider the importance of sexual and environmental ethics. In philosophy at A2, areas covered include life after death, religious language and religious experience.


All work is externally assessed by exam.

Careers/Further Education

Successful completion of this A level will give you access to a range of career and higher education opportunities. Religious Studies combines well with almost all other humanities subjects such as History, Geography and English. In addition, if taken with sciences like Mathematics, Physics,

Chemistry and Biology, Religious Studies will give you a broad-based curriculum. Students who have completed this course have gone on to university to study Philosophy, Law, Maths, Medicine, Theology, Nursing, Psychology, and much more.

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