Media Studies

A level specification | AQA

Our Curriculum

Are you interested in film, documentaries, advertising? Then Media Studies could be a course for you. Study includes: Media Representations (texts), Language, Style and Audiences and will look at examples of newspapers, film, advertising and the presentation of current affairs with an increased focus on digital media.

There will be opportunities to use film, photography and information technology to produce and develop coursework. Modules 2 and 4 allow students to develop areas of personal interest and to build on their expertise.
This is an exciting and challenging course which is ideal for students who are interested in the world about them and enjoy a mixture of practical and academic work.

Content & Breakdown

Media One

What’s assessed

Section A will focus on Media Language and Media Representations. Questions in this section will test the following forms:

  • advertising and marketing
  • music video

Section B will focus on Media Industries and Media Audiences. Questions in this section can test any two of the following forms:

  • radio
  •  newspapers
  •  film (industries only)

Media Two

What’s assessed

Questions will focus on the in-depth media forms of television, magazines and online, social and participatory media/video games.

NEA – A cross media production linking several products

What’s assessed

  • Application of knowledge and understanding of the theoretical framework.
  • Ability to create media products.

Careers/Further Education

Media Studies is an accepted academic A level subject which can lead to a variety of degree courses.
We have links with Norwich University of the Arts, a leading Media degree provider, which enables students to see how Media Studies can lead to a career within the industry.

It is also well respected for careers and courses which use interpersonal skills and teamwork, for example Communications, Management, Personnel, Media, The Leisure Industry, The Arts, The Music Industry, Advertising and Marketing.

For more information contact:  Mrs K Chanter