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AS/A level specification | Edexcel 9MA0 & 9FM0

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The Maths department at Sheringham Sixth Form has a well-earned reputation for success.

These courses expand your knowledge of Pure and Applied Mathematics to advanced standards. We develop the skills to solve increasingly complex problems using mathematical techniques such as modelling, statistical analysis, calculus and algorithms.

You will learn to read information given in a mathematical form as well show your own ideas in the rigorous and logical fashion demanded by the subject – this is a language which is common throughout the world. The efficient use of calculators and computers is integral to the syllabus and these skills are developed throughout the course.

Content & Breakdown

Pure: This will continue to build upon the knowledge gathered at GCSE. You will expand your knowledge of Trigonometry, Vectors, Graphs and Algebra and functions before learning about calculus and its many applications.

Applied: Applied maths is split into Mechanics and Statistics. Mechanics complements the Physics course and is the application of Mathematics in physical systems. We learn about how to model situations and apply SUVAT equations as well as developing our understanding of forces and Newton’s laws. Statistics explores the many different techniques required to analyse data properly. We have a large data set that we apply these techniques to to enable us to draw conclusions about a set of data.

A Level Further Maths

Pure (Core Pure Maths 1 and 2): We expand upon the knowledge of A-level to include advanced calculus, imaginary numbers as well as hyperbolics.

Decision Maths: We look at the processes required to use and apply algorithms to solve particular problems.

Further Mechanics: In this course we build upon the foundations of mechanics in the A Level course and look at more advanced topics such as Hookes Law and Elastic equations as well as collisions.


Maths and Further Maths is examined at the end of the course


2 Pure Mathematics papers (2hrs) each worth 100 marks

1 Applied Mathematics paper (2hrs) worth 100 marks.

Further Mathematics:

Core Pure Mathematics 1 (90 mins) worth 75 marks

Core Pure Mathematics 2 (90 mins) worth 75 marks

Decision Mathematics 1 (90 mins) worth 75 marks

Further Mechanics 1 (90 mins) worth 75 marks

Careers/Further Education:

Maths A level is a powerful qualification respected by all institutes of Higher Education as well as employers. It is essential for many science and engineering courses and careers as well as being desirable for medicine.

For more information contact: Mrs F Hill