GCSE Specification | Edexcel

This hugely fascinating language is spoken by over 130 million people. With two different phonetic alphabets and over 2000 Kanji characters, Japanese is utterly unique. It is relatively simple to learn how to speak Japanese, and Japanese grammar for beginners is quite straight forward. Japanese GCSE will be offered as an extra-curricular activity over Year 12 and 13.

Content & Breakdown

  • Unit 1: Listening (understanding of spoken passages of Japanese).
  • Unit 2: Speaking (a short presentation and conversation).
  • Unit 3: Reading (understanding of written passages of Japanese).
  • Unit 4: Writing (two written tasks on topics such as media, travel and culture or sport, leisure and work)


Units 1 and 3 are each worth 23% and Units 2 and 4 are each worth 27% of the final award.

Careers/Further Education

Dedication and commitment to the course will be rewarded with a highly original and much valued qualification that could lead to further study at university.

For more information contact: Mr R Keshavarz