Extended Project Qualification



The skill-base acquired throughout the EPQ is highly regarded by top universities and achievement of high grades has led to our students being made lower grade offers by Universities.

The EPQ is undertaken in Year 12 in addition to A Levels. The topic of the project is chosen by the student, giving them the opportunity to demonstrate either an interest in a subject they hope to study at University (particularly useful for subjects such as Medicine or Architecture which are not studied at A Level) or to pursue an interest of their own. It will take the form of a 5000 word dissertation or an artefact with a shorter report, both of which are supplemented by a Production Log and a Presentation.

Personal Qualities

The EPQ requires students to be hard-working, determined and resilient and to have an enquiring and tenacious mind. It is challenging both academically and personally and the opportunity to undertake the qualification will be offered to students who demonstrate the qualities required.


Students will learn project planning, independent research skills, time management, advanced referencing, how to evaluate sources, how to synthesise information, academic writing, critical thinking, how to be a reflective learner and presentation skills.

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Ms Alex Steward