Drama and Theatre Studies

AS/A level specification | EDEXCEL

Studying A level Theatre Studies at Sheringham Sixth Form will give you an opportunity to develop a range of theatre skills to a high standard, both on and off stage. We have good links with Sheringham Little Theatre, enabling us to offer technical theatre skills and professional work experience.

Content & Breakdown

The AS/A level Drama and Theatre Studies specification provides:

  • Coverage of four main areas of study of drama and theatre.
  • Candidates’ own practical work.
  • Set plays.
  • Theatre practitioners.
  • Different theatre styles.
  • Live productions seen.
  • Practical work which offers options for acting, costume, masks, stage setting, lighting or sound.
  • A choice of set plays for study and performance is offered, linked to students’ own choices.
  • Unit 1: Live theatre production seen and prescribed play, assessed by written exam.
  • Unit 2: Presentation of an extract from a play, assessed by practical performance, plus preparatory work and supporting roles.
  • Unit 3: Further prescribed plays including pre-Twentieth Century, assessed by written exam.
  • Unit 4: Presentation of devised drama, assessed by practical performance, plus preparatory work and supporting roles.

Careers/Further Education

Drama and Theatre Studies is accepted as an academic A level subject and can lead to a range of degree courses. It can also obviously contribute to a successful application to drama school.
It is well respected as a qualification for careers and courses which use interpersonal skills such as Communications, Management, Personnel and Media.
Many skills can be developed on an A level Theatre Studies course. You do not have to be a confident actor to qualify for entry.

For more information contact: Miss K Nicol