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AS/A level specification | AQA 7131 & 7132

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Do you strive to be the next famous entrepreneur and want to set up your own business? Or maybe you have the intrapreneurial spirit to develop other peoples businesses and ideas. Alternatively you could been the manager that ensures that a business is successful. Then the business course is for you. You will have an opportunity to learn about becoming an entrepreneur, intrapreneurial and manger; understand how the main types of business and commercial institutions are organised. You will also learn about the different organisational functions in a business which include marketing, finance, operational management and human resources. The course will allow you to delve deeper into the running of local, national and international businesses that you have an interest in.

Content & Breakdown

The course is broken into 10 units which cover the following topics:

  • What is business?
  • Managers, leadership and decision making.
  • Decision making to improve marketing performance.
  • Decision making to improve operational performance.
  • Decision making to improve financial performance.
  • Decision making to improve human resource performance.
  • Analysing the strategic position of a business (A-level only).
  • Choosing strategic direction (A-level only).
  • Strategic methods: how to pursue strategies (A-level only).
  • Managing strategic change (A-level only).


There are two examinations at AS level and three examinations at A level. There is no coursework element in Business Studies.

Careers/Further Education

Many of our students go onto further study at university to complete business related degrees. Some students are offered apprenticeships in areas such as accountancy and marketing and work their way up an organisation through their internal education/training opportunities.

For more information contact: Mr D Wallis