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Information for university and college admissions

Sheringham Sixth Form went into the first lockdown from 23 March 2020, with all face to face classroom teaching suspended; this was when the current applicants were in Year 11. We did not have any key worker children of Sixth Form age on site during the lockdown period. Classroom teaching resumed on 7 September 2020.

We went into the second lockdown from 4 January until 8 March 2021, with all face to face classroom teaching suspended. Approximately 2% of our Sixth Form cohort were key worker children and worked on site during this second lockdown period. Classroom teaching resumed on 9 March 2021.


Teaching time that was lost


During the first lockdown we lost 14½ weeks or 67 teaching days; this amounts to an average of 72½ hours of teaching per subject.

During the second lockdown we lost 9 weeks or 46 teaching days; this amounts to an average of 46 hours of teaching per subject.

Alternative provision for remote education delivered to students During the first lockdown, from 23 March until 21 July 2021, all teaching was remotely delivered. We employed web based resources rather than video conferencing, due to our concerns for staff and student safeguarding as well as significant concerns about student access to technology. Work was set using the Show My Homework platform.
We monitored engagement with this remote learning six times between 23 March and 17 July.

During the second lockdown, from 4 January until 8 March 2021, most teaching was remotely delivered using the Show My Homework platform, although we began delivering at least one live lesson a week via Microsoft Teams – students were muted and cameras were switched off due to our concerns for staff and student safeguarding; some students still experienced significant technological issues with accessing these lessons.
We monitored engagement with this remote learning three times between 4 January and 8 March. We additionally spoke to all Year 12 students at least twice in this period to ensure that they were coping academically as well as emotionally, intervening where necessary.

Disruption to the normal university application processes Our usual planned university progression programme involving visits to FE institutions and the local HE Convention in spring and summer of Year 12 were cancelled. Students usually complete a week of Work Experience in July of Year 12 which also was not able to be offered. Students’ ability to attend regular careers interviews with specialist staff was significantly limited.
The impact of lockdown on the information used to determine predicted grades Our planned assessment calendar was scheduled to have internal assessment reports in January, March, May, and July. This data, as well as regular class assessment work, would usually provide evidence for a predicted grade. To support student wellbeing, as a Centre we decided not to set formal assessments with the exception of mock examinations for all Year 12 students in June 2021; there were intentionally limited to one paper, in supervised exam conditions but in a classroom rather than an examination hall.
Assessments and tests were remotely set in all subjects during the second lockdown, these were clearly not always conducted by students in controlled conditions.


Sponsored walk to raise funds for remote church communities in Kenya

Madi Hewitt and Jasmine Hutchings are visiting northern Kenya on 2/04/20 to 14/04/20 to minister to the remote church communities hit by drought last year.
We took part in a sponsored walk on Sunday 8th March to raise funds towards buying food for the local communities and building materials for building/repairing/ providing shelter.  The completed walk was 8.5 miles, Blakeney to Wells.
Any donation will be greatly appreciated as 100% of all funds raised goes directly into this important community project.
Donations should be given directly to Madi Hewitt or Jasmine Hutchings in the Sixthform  centre or given to Mr Keshavarz
Madi Hewitt 

A Level Results 2019

Dr Richardson said: “This has been a year of outstanding A-level results for this cohort with standout results for subjects like Art, English, History, DT, Biology, Media and Photography. We are extremely proud of the grades achieved and the students’ ability to add value beyond their target grades, fully reflecting their hard work and commitment, and the fantastic, individualised support from staff and parents. All of our students are going to their chosen universities and 10% qualify as Norfolk Scholars. We maintain an excellent results track record.”

Mr Keshavarz added: “I am particularly delighted that the hard work of our students, parents and staff has been rewarded with our students securing a university place, apprenticeship or employment of their choosing. Everyone in our community should be proud of the achievements of these young people and how well they have developed.”



Norfolk Scholars in 2019

10% of students achieved Norfolk Scholar status

(achieving ABB or better, or AA with one other pass)

Liam Copeman  Robyn Edge  Maisie Nurse