A Sixth Form Star

Sheringham Sixth Form student Naomi Platt celebrates with her father as she receives her B, B, C grades at A Level and is off to her chosen University to read History. But when Naomi started at Sheringham High in Year 7 she had been diagnosed with dyslexia and dyscalculia which were having a profound effect on her progress and well-being. She had the reading age of an 8 year old and was struggling to access the curriculum. “Her difficulties were real barriers to her learning,” says father Adrian who is an ex Primary Headteacher, “but after 5 years at the High School and 2 at Sheringham Sixth she is off to uni. It was the help, support, targeted use of literacy support and technology, and staff expertise which has made the difference. Her efforts and the school’s support have been outstanding.”


Naomi puts her early improvements down to particular support staff believing in her early on. “The support staff laid the foundations and I gained in confidence. I had one to one support. Then when exams came along the School and Sixth Form made sure I had a separate room, extra time, a reader, a scribe and, most importantly, kind encouraging words when the pressure was on. I did work hard but I have to say that everyone has played a part, parents, friends and the School. I’m so excited to be going to university and that one of my B grades is actually in English; it’s a far cry from my struggles in Year 7!”

Headteacher, Dr Andrew Richardson, said, “We wish Naomi every success. She has said it all; it’s a team effort and what a team we’ve got here at Sheringham!”

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Posted on: 17th August 2017