Mathematics and Further Mathematics

AS/A level specification | Edexcel 9371 & 9372

The Maths department at Sheringham Sixth Form has a well-earned reputation for success.

These courses expand your knowledge of Pure and Applied Mathematics to advanced standards. We develop the skills to solve increasingly complex problems using mathematical techniques such as modelling, statistical analysis, calculus and algorithms.

You will learn to read information given in a mathematical form as well show your own ideas in the rigorous and logical fashion demanded by the subject – this is a language which is common throughout the world. The efficient use of calculators and computers is integral to the syllabus and these skills are developed throughout the course.

Content & Breakdown

The A level is made up of several modules which can be combined to give A and AS levels in both Maths and Further Maths. These modules are divided into Pure Maths, Statistics, Mechanics and Decision Maths.
Pure Maths (C1…C4, FP1…FP3): These modules advance your understanding of functions and develop a fluent use of calculus. These modules build upon your prior knowledge of trigonometry and algebra.
Statistics (S1, S2): Statistics teaches you to analyse and summarise data in order to arrive at conclusions and make predictions. You will learn about probability techniques.
Mechanics (M1, M2, M3): Mechanics looks at how mathematical models can be used to predict how objects move and respond to forces – e.g. a satellite in orbit around the Earth.
Decision Maths (D1, D2): Decision Maths teaches systems to help you make the best decisions by minimising or maximising variables such as time and money. It has applications in business and everyday life.


The course is assessed by formal examination for each of the units. Exams are taken in the May/June Exam Session. Modules are equally weighted.
• For AS Maths we take C1, C2, and S1.
• For A2 Maths we take C3, C4 and M1.
• For AS Further Maths we take FP1, D1 and D2.
• For A2 Further Maths we take FP2, FP3 and either S2 or M2.
Further Maths students are able to ‘mix and match’ some of their module scores to achieve the two highest grades possible.

Careers/Further Education:

Maths A level is a powerful qualification respected by all institutes of Higher Education as well as employers. It is essential for many science and engineering courses and careers as well as being desirable for medicine.

For more information contact: Mrs F Hill or Mr P Davison