Health & Social Care

AS/A level specification | AQA

This specification introduces students to key concepts and a body of knowledge that will provide them with an invaluable and thoughtful perspective on contemporary issues in Health and Social Care. It complements other A-level studies and equips students with the skills needed for higher education and the world of work.

Students can choose to follow a one A level course, or 2 A level course.

Content & Breakdown

A-level Health and Social Care gives students a great awareness and understanding of current issues

surrounding topics such as:

  • Patient rights and responsibilities
  • Care settings; Hospitals, Childcare, Mental Health
  • Effective communication
  • Physical and Psychological health and well-being
  • Understanding human behaviour
  • The roles of Healthcare practitioners


The course consists of a combination of portfolio (coursework) units, and external assessed exams. For the single and double A level 60% of the course is exam based.

Careers/Further Education

A level Health and Social care is ideal for anyone planning to pursue a career in a health care profession.

Examples include:

  • childcare
  • nursing
  • paediatrics
  • midwifery
  • social work
  • teaching and similar careers
  • probation service
  • paramedics
  • health visiting
  • mental health
  • counselling

It complements many of the other A level programs of study such as Biology and Psychology.

For more information contact: Ms N Sadler