Design & Technology: Product Design

AS/A Level Specification – OCR H053 & H453

Why study Design and Technology (Product Design)? – The world today would be a very boring place without the influence of designers. Designers influence the way we dress, the homes we live in, the food we eat, the cars we buy, the T.V we watch and the newspapers and magazines we read. As a society we all rely on a wide range of products for survival and for making our lives comfortable, and it is the few creative and innovative people who have the biggest influence on our lives without us even realising it.

Modern designers have to consider issues of sustainability when designing new products. They need to provide solutions rather than add to the existing problems of extractions and use of natural resources.  Good design is vital to our world and economy and it is important, therefore, that we enthuse designers with a passion for designing their futures.

The A-Level of Design & Technology (Product Design) builds on experiences at GCSE in the D&T field. It equips students with design skills for the future, recognising design needs and developing an understanding of how current global issues, including integrating technology, impacts on today’s world.  The course encourages creativity and innovation.  At A-Level we hope students will have the confidence to innovate and produce creative design solutions as you develop your own design brief with a client/end user.


AS Units
• F521: Advanced Innovation Challenge. A design challenge assessing andidates’ ability to design and model a product and then reflect on their design concept. Marks will be awarded for innovation and originality.
• F522: Product Study. A coursework unit of product analysis and product development, prototype modelling and testing.

A2 Units
• F523: Design, Make and Evaluate. The coursework consists of designing, making and evaluating a product, a marketing presentation, and a review and reflection. This unit is intended to draw upon and develop skills learnt in other units.
• F524: Product Design. This is a written paper that consists of two components. Candidates will be able to select questions across the focus material areas.

Careers/ Further Education

Design and Technology acts as the perfect springboard into many careers. It enhances skills such as brainstorming, problem solving and communication with others which are used throughout daily life. Design and Technology could lead to careers in Product Design, Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Engineering, Architecture, Advertising, Construction, Manufacturing, Interior Design, Marketing, Quantity Surveying, Armed Forces and Sales.

For more information contact: Mr J Bowen